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Code of Behavior

Discipline Policy

Discipline is one of the most important lessons taught through education. It is the training that develops self-control and character. It is the key to good conduct and proper consideration for other people. Schools have a special duty to assist students in the development of self-discipline. If this task is to be done effectively, the school and home must cooperate. Working together, we need to provide students with guidelines and experiences in developing a personal sense of socially acceptable conduct and responsibility. It is most important that parents and educators reinforce the efforts of each other as they work with students in meeting their responsibilities.

Each classroom will post a list of classroom rules appropriate to that grade level. Responsible behavior and actions by students will receive praise, compliments and other positive forms of recognition. Pride and achievement will be our focus in order to build student self esteem.

Corporal punishment may be administered if deemed appropriate to the situation. If any parents or guardians object to the use of corporal punishment on their children or wards, such objection shall be made in advance, IN WRITING to the principal. In such cases parents or guardians may be called upon for assistance should the need arise.

Student offenses are in four categories. Most of these are listed below. Administrators are responsible for discipline and will classify any offense not listed below unless directed by the Board of Education. Administration may choose to contact Law Enforcement due to the severity and number of offenses.

Category 1 - Offenses to be administered by the school may result in; reprimand, loss of privilege, detention (where applicable), corporal punishment, alternative school, time out, or suspension due to severity of incident.

Classroom disturbances

Classroom tardiness

Cheating and lying

Abusive language

Failure to do assignments or carry out directions

Harassment (Sexual, Racial, Ethnic, Religious, Disability)

Inappropriate Attire/Dress

Disrespect to teacher/staff/peer/bus driver, etc.

Disciplinary Options are as follows but are not limited to:

Verbal Reprimand, Special Assignments, Restricting Activities, Assigning Work Details, Counseling, Withdrawal of Privileges, Issuance of Demerits which might affect citizenship or deportment grades, Strict Supervised Study, Detention, Corporal Punishment, In-School Suspension, Out-of-School Suspension. If a student has more than three level 1 violations, it may be treated as a level 2 offense.

Category 2 - Misbehavior whose frequency or seriousness tends to disrupt the learning climate of the school. Included in this level are misbehaviors which do not represent a direct threat to the health and safety of others but whose educational consequences are serious enough to require corrective action on the part of administrative personnel.

Continuation of Unmodified Level 1 behaviors School or Class Tardiness Use or possession of tobacco related products Dishonesty (copying, cheating, forging signatures, lying, and etc) Disruptive Classroom Behavior Harassment (Sexual, Racial, Ethnic, Religious, Disability) Disrespect to teacher/staff/peers Misuse/destruction of school property Participation in a school disruption

Disciplinary Options are as follows but are not limited to:

Teacher/schedule change, Behavior Modification, Social Probation (such as sporting events, dances, and etc), Peer Counseling, Referral to outside agency, In-School Suspension, Detention, Suspension from school-sponsored activities or from riding school bus, Corporal Punishment, Restricting school related honors (such as membership in Beta Club and etc), Disciplinary Hearing Authority, Out-of-school suspension not to exceed ten (10) days

If a student has more than three level 2 violations, it may be treated as a level 3 offense.

Category 3- Acts directly against persons or property but whose consequences do not seriously endanger the health or safety of others in the school. Offenses may result in suspension. Any student suspended will not be allowed to participate in any school function including field trips, athletic practices or contests, etc.

Continuation of unmodified level 1 or 2 behaviors Fighting Vandalism Stealing, receipt, sale, possession or distribution of stolen property (reported to legal authorities) Threats to Others Harassment (Sexual, Racial, Ethnic, Religious, or Disability) Sexual Misconduct

Disciplinary Options are as follows but are not limited to:

Disciplinary Hearing Authority, In-School Suspension, Detention, Corporal Punishment, Restitution from loss, damage, or stolen property, Out-of-School suspension not to exceed ten (10) days, Social adjustment classes, Transfer, Expulsion

If a student has more than three level 3 violations, it may be treated as a level 4 offense.

Zero Tolerance

In order to ensure a safe and secure learning environment free of drugs, violence and dangerous weapons, any student who engages in the following behaviors will be subject to suspension for a period of not less than one (1) calendar year. The Director shall have the authority to modify

this suspension requirement on a case-by-case basis. Zero-tolerance acts are as follows:

1.Students who bring or possess a drug or a dangerous weapon onto school property or to school event or activity.

2. Any student who assaults a teacher or other employee of the school system.

Anti-Bullying Policy

Bullying, harassment, and intimidation have a negative impact on the school climate and can be major distractions from learning. The Overton County School System will endeavor to maintain a learning environment free of bullying. Bullying behavior by a student is prohibited and will be considered unacceptable behavior. Please refer to the Overton County School’s website which contains the school board policy regarding bullying and the procedures for reporting and addressing complaints of bullying.

Level 1 –Name Calling

1st Offense- Teacher/Principal or Designee

2nd Offense- Speak with Counselor

3rd Offense-Parent Conference

4th Offense- In-School Suspension up to 3 days

5th Offense- Withdrawal of Privileges such as trips

Level 2- Threat or Physical Contact, Drawings

1st Offense-Counseling/Parent Contact

2nd Offense- In-School Suspension up to 3 days

3rd Offense- Disciplinary Hearing

Level 3- Severe Taunting/Threat by Individuals or Groups

1st Offense- In-School Suspension up to 5 days

2nd Offense- Disciplinary Hearing

All bullying accusations are treated seriously by the faculty and staff of A.H.Roberts. These will be referred to the administration and guidance counselor to determine the level of offense and appropriate response