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Mission Statement

The mission of A.H. Roberts Elementary is to provide positive, appropriate learning opportunities for each student regardless of social, cultural, economic, or intellectual status.  These opportunities shall foster the development of basic values, good citizenship, and a strong sense of self-worth to enable students to be productive citizens in a rapidly changing world.
To that end A.H. Roberts seeks to enhance learning by supporting:
A competent and caring staff who strives to teach by example;
A creative, comprehensive, and effective curriculum;
A safe, orderly, and stimulating environment; and
An informed and collaborative community
A.H. Roberts pledges its commitment to developing all human resources to their fullest potential recognizing that educational excellence depends upon individual success.  Quality education depends upon collaborative commitment.

Recent News

Voluntary Pre-K Kick-Off Night Featured Photo

Voluntary Pre-K Kick-Off Night

On March 7th, OCS will hold the VPK kick-off night. These meetings are held at each school and will be from 4:30 to 6:00 PM. View the attached flyer for more information.
3rd Grade Valentine's Day Fundraiser Featured Photo

3rd Grade Valentine's Day Fundraiser

3rd Grade is hosting a Valentine's Day Fundraiser February 5th through February 14th! Orders for special deliveries will be open from February 5th through the 9th. The Sweet Shop will be open February 5th through the 14th. Students can purchase a variety of candies, drinks, novelty trinkets, photo booth and more at the Sweet Shop! The special delivery is a 10" bear with a Valentine balloon. From parent to child, or friend to friend, this is sure to be a happy surprise!